Map of Downtown New Braunfels

About the DTA

Downtown New Braunfels MapThe New Braunfels Downtown Association is a non-profit group comprised of businesses, service professionals, property owners, civic organizations and interested individuals. Our common goal is to market our uniquely historic downtown as a destination to shop, play, stay and work. Our Association is a thriving and productive part of the New Braunfels’ community.

Membership Benefits:

  • Plan and participate in year-round events to promote customer traffic in the downtown area and create business and goodwill for members.
  • Provide a website which lists all member businesses, as well as link to their respective websites. There is a  Downtown Association Facebook and email sign-up form.
  • Provide advertising and promotional opportunities to feature our historic downtown as a destination.
  • Work with the City and County governmental agencies to positively address challenges that accompany the growth of New Braunfels.
  • Keep members current through educational programs on issues affecting downtown businesses and the community through monthly meetings and email communications.

The Downtown Association is a network of people working to build a successful, productive downtown. We encourage you to be a part of the New Braunfels Downtown Association.




Board of Directors

2014 Board of Directors

President- Jason Irle (Brauntex Theatre)
1st Vice President- Jan Kingsbury (Spass Walking Tours)
2nd Vice President- Ashleigh Vanderwalt (Pour Haus)
Treasurer- Geri Jordan (Providence Wealth Mgmt.)
Secretary- Alice Jewell (McKenna Foundation)
Past President-Don Ashcraft (CPA)
Main Street Coordinator- Monique Vernon (City of New Braunfels)
At- Large Board Member for Membership- Seana Rousseau (Chain Link Bicycle Shop)
At-Large Board Member for Events- Mark Kimsey (Olives Italian Market)

2013 DTA Member of the Year:

The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre


Charter Members                       Life Members    
Paul Bruner                                                                  Gene Chollett
Gene Chollett                                                               George Goepf
Wallace Johnson                                                          Wallace Johnson
Kermit Krause                                                               William J. Kolodzie
Merritt Schumann
Bill Tolson
                             Past Presidents
1967-Paul Bruner                           1990-Randy Haugh  
1967-Sidney Shipley                       1991-Robert Schima
1968-69-Bill Tolson                         1992-Rosemary Allen
1970-Russell Vollbrecht                  1993-Clyed Blackman
1971-Neal Burke                             1994-Connie Worley
1972-Helmuth Salge                        1995-Ester Headrick 
1973-Walter Richardson                 1996-Wes Studdard
1974-Gene Chollett                         1997-Carol Johnson
1975-George Erben                        1998-Pete Stocking
1976-William J. Kolodzie                  1999-Marty Lindley
1977-Richard Denson                      2000-Jay Rogers
1978-James Cook                            2001-Geri Jordan
1979-Everett Meyer                         2002-Paul Martinka
1980-Frank Suhr                             2003-Jan Kotylo  
1981-Milton Arnold                          2004-Connie Worley
1982-Vladimir Pospisil                     2005-Marian Benson
1983-Gene Chollett                         2006-Forrest Mcglothlin
1984-Manard Ivy                             2007-Dolly Williams
1985-David Lamon                          2008-Carol Johnson
1986-Mildred Kretzmeier                 2009-Geri Jordan
1987-C. Ray Schoch                       2010-Nancy Bower
1988-George Bokorney                  2012 Alice Jewell
1989-Marian Benson                      2013 Don Ashcraft