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On West Mill Street near Academy Street is an 1898 Victorian home with a traditional front porch meant for lounging and whiling away the afternoon.  A magnificent magnolia tree provides abundant shade for those who linger.  Behind the house is a carriage house where those who-do-not-linger create wealth for the clients of Riverstone Advisors, LLC.   Riverstone is an investment company whose primary purpose in life is improving people’s investments.  Most people are poorly invested but do not know it.  Riverstone fixes that straight-away.

Clients currently entrust Riverstone with $175 million.  Leslie Lammers, CFA, started Riverstone in the New York City area where she spent 30 years honing her investment knowledge.  Riverstone serves clients all over the country.  If your grandparents in Timbuktu need help, Riverstone can provide it.

Riverstone is a Registered Investment Advisor regulated by the SEC. This means they sit on the same side of the table as you do.  If your wealth grows, their revenues grow.  If your wealth does not grow, their revenues do not grow.  There are no hidden fees. Brokerage commissions are only whatever Fidelity Investments charges (usually $6).   They are ethically and legally bound by the SEC to give you the best investments possible.  This fiduciary duty contrasts with brokers who can legally sell subpar products for which they may be receiving compensation that conflicts with your best interest.  They are often financially incentivized by their firms to pass off subpar products to you.

Leslie and her partner, John Hanson, both hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter.   This is an incredibly rigorous three-year program on investments and financial analysis.

Riverstone invests primarily in individual stocks and bonds.  This gives them the advantage of being able to finely control the risks in a portfolio.  They also use mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds as needed to access specific pockets of opportunity in the markets.

Contact them at 830 715-9300 or to get a candid review of your investments.