Bite Me: Tubers on New Braunfels Comal River Bite Cop, Go to Jail

Throughout the 80s and 90s, McGruff the Crime Dog’s famous catchphrase was “take a bite out of crime.” Last Saturday on the Comal River, the phrase should have been take the bite out of crime when a New Braunfels police officer was allegedly bit by a tuber at the last public exit.

Prior to the incident, police arrived on a private property trespassing call, where they cited an individual without incident. However, according to, another family member of the trespasser, still in the river, began yelling obscenities towards the officers that warranted disorderly conduct charges. The officers planned to bring these charges to the individual once he exited at the last public exit.


…police attempted to apprehend him but he ignored officers and moved away. At that point, two female family members got between the two, one grabbing the suspect and the other grabbing the officer. One of the females allegedly bit the officer on the right forearm, and the other punched him with in the face. The struggle continued until backup officers were able to get both of the female family members into custody. All three were taken to the Comal County Jail.

The alleged puncher was identified as 58-year-old Lauri Grabarkewitz. But, one’s Grabarkewitz wasn’t worse than the bite – 56-year-old Sammi Moore was identified as the alleged biter in the incident.

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