Krause’s Biergarten + Cafe: A Local Icon

Krause’s Beirgarten and Café is full with rich history, culture and strong community ties that has driven the venue to the top of the charts in how you experience New Braunfels, Texas. With the rapidly growing landscape of New Braunfels, Krause’s has stayed ahead of the curve and set many new trends in the already robust food scene. From large scale live entertainment, community events, and a constant tribute to the local strong German ties, Krause’s has cultivated an ever expanding culinary experience that is required to meet the growing needs New Braunfels. 

Special attention to the historical and architectural details of the recent remodel have certainly not been lost. Old friends of Krause’s can notice the changes in the architecture including the differences in the concrete slab and the size of the rafters denoting the addition of the dining room, and the recent expansion of an outdoor kitchen featuring additional fresh menu options.

In an effort to maintain and reflect the character of the building, the rafters have been minimally refurbished to reveal the grease stains and fire charring sustained by many years of business. 

Additionally, the rafters and studs were salvaged from the area that is now the Bierhalle and used to construct the tables and booths for the dining room. 

The dining counter in the café was constructed from 4×6 uprights salvaged from the Comal County Fairground’s stadium seats when they were replaced with aluminum. 

During one of our many floods, an ancient pecan tree fell into the San Marcos River and was salvaged (thanks to Henry and Sons Construction). The bar top in the Bierhalle was constructed from the pieces. 

With seating for 130, the dining room is a wonderful, cozy spot where you will instantly feel comfortable. However, it is the Bierhalle in the back that is really something to see. 

The steel and glass hall is modeled after the flag-draped bierhalles of Europe. Krause’s honors New Braunfels’ heritage in the Bierhalle with flags representing the finding families and origins of New Braunfels’ first families. The Sophienburg Museum and the German Heritage Society graciously assisted with this project. 

The main bar’s 70+ beer taps and the rows of long tables make room for up to 350, is a perfect place to relax with a pint and a bratwurst or a stein and a schnitzel. There is something for everyone on Krause’s Menu. The Executive Chef and culinary team has a large focus on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. 


If the fascinating history of Krause’s Cafe, the inviting atmosphere, the over 70 beers on tap, or the out of this world authentic German faire were not enough to draw you in, the events at Krause’s are sure to get you through the door. 

Behind the Bierhalle there is a stage where a rotating cast of very talented local musicians entertain happy crowds. 

In addition to live music, Krause’s hosts many other unique events including Dachshund Races, Armadillo Races, and Oktoberfest celebration complete with an authentic Masskrugstemmen – a beer stein holding competition. 

They also host a monthly “Men’s Roundup” which is a Christian led event that brings in guest speakers who have incredible backgrounds to share their stories with the community. 

For the most current events, click here

Whether you live in New Braunfels or are just visiting, Krause’s Biergarten and Cafe is one spot you will not want to miss.