New Braunfels’ Comal River Reopened

After a tree snapped on the banks of the Comal River near Camp Warnecke on Friday, a portion of the river had been closed. Crews were on the scene for several hours, removing the obstruction, and the river reopened later Friday evening.

From the New Braunfels Police Department Facebook:

Fallen Tree Removed – Segment of Comal River Open Again

The large tree that fell across a segment of the Comal River has been removed and normal river traffic has resumed. The large tree snapped and fell early this morning in the Camp Warnecke area of the Comal River and the decision was made to temporarily close the portion of the river from the Garden Street Bridge to the Last Tuber’s Exit until the tree could be removed by professional contractors. Those crews began working on removing the tree around 1pm and it took several hours to finish removing the debris from the water.