A Downtown New Braunfels Story: Ludwig’s Leather

We love all of the shops in downtown New Braunfels, don’t you?! Each one has its own unique story, and we want to hear them all!

Ludwig’s Leather is one of those shops. They’ve been in business for nearly 80 years, and they have a huge variety of things that you can’t find in most gift shops, but there’s more to this shop than meets the eye.

Owner Terri Cocanougher purchased Ludwig’s because she thought the building was once her great (great, great, great….) grandfather’s butcher shop.

“As it turns out,” she said, “his shop was where the wine shop is now, but hey… we share a wall.”

That mix-up turned out to be a really great thing, though, because Terri loves being in downtown New Braunfels. She loves window shopping and eating at all of the fantastic restaurants.

“The BEST restaurants can be found here,” she said. Her favorite restaurant? Huisache. (Really though, who can pass up that wine selection?)

Ludwig’s Leather, of course, is her favorite place to be though. She loves their new line of custom built ladies’ purses. “They are completely custom,” she said. “You can choose the style you like, choose your leather, hardware, and customize the interior with zippers and pockets, or a removable liner for cleaning.” Now, that sounds like a fun way for a lady to spend an afternoon with friends!

They offer a lot more than that, too. Did you know Ludwig’s is one of the largest bull whip distributors in the United States? These and their hand-made cattle halters are their best sellers, but they also sell a huge number of concealed carry handbags for ladies.

People love Ludwig’s Leather because they carry things that other stores don’t.

“We carry hard to find hardware for saddle makers, leather making supplies and tools, finished hand-made leather items of all kinds, tack (bits, spurs, bridles), and, of course, we repair most things made of leather,” Terry said.

It’s no surprise, those custom and handmade items fly off the shelves at Ludwig’s Leather. They regularly take orders and ship them after they’re complete, but many customers want something they can walk away with and take home to Germany or France, or wherever they may be visiting from.

They also make corporate gifts, and they manufacture quite a few items such as bridles, halters, scabbards, exercise braces, arthritic braces for other companies and catalog stores. The police service industry has many items made by Ludwig’s, too.

Who knew we had something so special right here in Downtown New Braunfels?! Ludwig’s Leather was recently interviewed by Samantha Brown for a segment in her new travel show on PBS called “Places to Love.” Well, this is certainly a place we love! The segment will air in January – don’t miss it!

If you haven’t been to Ludwig’s, you’re missing out on something really special and one-of-a-kind. Be sure to stop by the shop next time you’re downtown.

What are your favorite things at Ludwig’s? Tell us in the comments!